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Crowns and Bridges in Atlanta

Modern dentistry techniques help repair teeth with extensive damage and treats tooth loss with restorative treatments that restore both health and beauty to your smile. Lifelike in appearance, porcelain crowns and fixed bridges are two common ways you can enjoy a normal smile again after it has been affected by tooth damage. 

Dr. Travis Paige at Buckhead Family Dentistry serves people in Atlanta, Sandy Springs, and Brookhaven with compassionate and quality care, so you can feel comfortable and confident in our restorative treatments.

Lustrous Porcelain Crowns Protect Damaged Teeth

Porcelain Crowns are an excellent way to protect a tooth from further damage and prevent the need for extraction. Often crowns are placed on teeth that have severe damage or have undergone root canal therapy. Widespread tooth decay that has reached the tooth’s inner chamber cannot be sufficiently and adequately treated with dental fillings. 

After the decay has been removed, Dr. Paige takes an impression of the tooth, so our trusted lab can fabricate your crown. Crowns are designed to the specific dimensions of your natural tooth and they protectively encase a tooth. The porcelain matches the adjacent teeth and shines with the luminosity of natural tooth enamel. Crowns also return the full force of chewing to a tooth, allowing it to function normally. 

Missing Teeth Treated with Fixed Bridges

3D render of dental bridge

Fixed bridges replace one or two missing teeth that are side by side. Bridges use prosthetics called pontic teeth that are secured to adjacent teeth using an adhesive. Pontic teeth are made of lustrous porcelain and they shine like natural teeth. Pontic teeth also restore chewing function to your bite.

Before installing the pontic teeth, porcelain crowns are placed on the anchor teeth, so they can provide strong support. This ensures their long-term support of the bridge. The entire bridge is uniform in appearance, matched to neighboring tooth enamel, providing a lifelike and beautiful restoration.

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When you need complex dental care, Dr. Travis Paige has the skill, experience, and expertise to make sure health and beauty are restored to your smile. We serve people in Atlanta, Sandy Springs, and Brookhaven with quality care and kindness. Call our office today!



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