About Us

Dr. Candace Alexander

Dr. Candace Alexander is a general dentist who believes that patient care is always first priority. She enjoys diagnosing and treating patients. She received her DDS degree from Howard University College of Dentistry. She enjoys helping people and volunteering her services.

Thaddeus Harvey, DDS

Dr. Thaddeus Harvey graduated from Howard University School of Dentistry. Dr. Harvey has always had an interest in medicine since he was a young child. He chose dentistry because of the creative aspect of it, being able to treat and diagnose immediately. He also enjoys the hours because he enjoys spending time with his family. Dr. Harvey feels you can change a person’s whole life just by fixing their smile. That is a very rewarding experience.

Travis Paige, DDS

Dr. Paige is proud to present patients with experienced and first-rate dental care that satisfies their most unique and important needs. His commitment to genuine and personal care has provided thousands of patients with life-changing results. Buckhead Family Dentistry creates an exceptional dental experience for patients.

Dr. Paige received his DDS from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill School of Dentistry. He has been practicing dentistry for over 20 years.

Buckhead Family Dentistry is founded on the ideal of ensuring every patient can return home with a smile they do not have to feel anxious about. Our treatments cover numerous aspects of dentistry, including cosmetic procedures, dental implants, porcelain crowns, tooth-colored fillings, teeth whitening and more.

We possess a genuine enthusiasm for dental care that is evident through the joy we share with our patients in providing the results they want. If you are looking for an ideal level of professional, family-oriented and friendly dental care in Atlanta, Dr. Paige will be eager to work with you.

Our office welcomes your call whether you have questions or are setting up an appointment. We hope you enjoy your experience at Buckhead Family Dentistry!


Office Front

Meet Our Team

Dr. Travis Paige, Dr. Thaddeus Harvey and Dr. Candace Alexander are proud to present our amazing team! Lighthearted and outgoing, our team of dental professionals are patient oriented and do everything we can to meet your needs. We work hard to provide you with a dental experience that is compassionate and personalized. Learn more about us and our dental care in Atlanta, Georgia, today! Contact Buckhead Family Dentistry at 404-846-9100 and schedule an appointment with our wonderful dentists.



Alexxus has been part of our team for nearly a year. She loves our patients and team and enjoys being able to help patients ease their dental concerns. She is happy to contribute by being able to care for our patients and also give them the knowledge they need for their dental care. She truly enjoys the patients of Buckhead Family Dentistry and is always here for them.

Alexxus is the proud mamma of an 11-month-old baby boy who has just stated walking. She can’t wait for him to get out and explore. She is a huge movie buff and loves to collect t-shirts.


Registered Dental Hygienist

Faye has been with our office for 7 years! She received her Bachelor of Science for dental hygiene from St. Petersburg College and was a former clinical instructor at Georgia State University. She loves to work with our patients and enjoys our friendly and fun atmosphere as well as our supportive boss. Faye contributes to our practice by working with our patients to ensure they have a wonderful experience while in our office and by trying to stay current on aspects of our profession. She is married and has two daughters. Faye’s hobbies include hanging out with friends, listening to music and traveling even though she doesn’t do it that often.


Registered Dental Hygienist

Tarik has been a part of our practice for 14 years. He received his Associate in Hygiene from Georgia Perimeter College at Georgia State University. He loves how friendly and diverse his coworkers are and strives to treat each patient as if they were his relatives.

When not at work, Tarik likes to travel, play water sports and soccer.


Dental Assistant

Tiff has been on our team for over 3 years but has been a dental assistant for over 6. She is certified for expanded duty and works side by side with our doctors to prep our patients and assist with procedures.

The best part about working at our dental practice is making patients smile.