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Tooth loss cannot be avoided when extensive damage reaches a tooth’s root or its surrounding gum tissue. Missing teeth present a serious dilemma as they affect your appearance and can hinder your ability to chew and pronounce words. Thanks to modern dentistry, dental implant restorations have the ability to replace teeth from root to crown.  

When faced with tooth loss, Dr. Travis Paige can return a natural appearance and function to your smile with this amazing restorative treatment. Located in Atlanta and serving people in Buckhead, Brookhaven, and Sandy Springs, Buckhead Family Dentistry will patiently guide you through the process of receiving implant restorations and provide you with quality and expert care.

Dental Evaluation and Implant Placement

First, Dr. Paige conducts an evaluation of your oral health. In a small percentage of patients, there is sometimes the need for a bone graft before dental implant placement can proceed. People who have had tooth loss for an extended time are especially susceptible to bone loss. Without a tooth root, the body starts to reabsorb the bone mass, causing the jaw bone to shrink. A bone graft fortifies the bone, so it can provide a strong anchor for the implant posts.

Implant posts are made of biocompatible titanium, which allows them to successfully integrate into the jaw bone. The posts are strategically placed into the jaw to provide maximum support for a prosthetic crown. The posts need about four months to heal and completely fuse with the bone, but you will be given a temporary crown while you wait. 

Implants Support a Healthy Jaw Bone and Beautiful Prosthetics

Dental implants not only return to you the look and feel of real teeth, but they also have health benefits that affect your jaw bone and facial structure. The implant posts stimulate regeneration of the jaw bone, which prevents the mouth from appearing sunken and prematurely aged. 

Dr. Paige makes sure your permanent restorations are lustrous and matched to surrounding teeth. Porcelain crowns are durable and natural in appearance, and with over a 95% rate of success, they last a lifetime. They are attached to the implant posts using an abutment. Dental implants can support different types of prosthetics, including:

  • Porcelain Crowns for single tooth replacements
  • Dental bridges to support a row of teeth
  • Hybrid Permanent Dentures to support a full arch of missing teeth
  • Overdentures to support removable dentures

Dr. Travis Paige Provides Quality Dental Implant Restorations

To learn more about the amazing benefits of dental implant restorations, contact Buckhead Family Dentistry in Atlanta. Dr. Travis Paige also serves people living in Sandy Springs and Brookhaven with quality and compassionate care.



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