Teeth Whitening Atlanta

Teeth whitening is popular with patients because of the effective results they produce in improving the aesthetic features of your teeth.  This treatment is safe and effective in recovering teeth from discoloration and stains.  Dr. Paige is a successful Atlanta teeth whitening specialist whose treatments are provided in a comfortable and highly equipped environment.

Teeth can be discolored from the consumption of beverages such as coffee or tea.  Dental hygiene, periodontal disease history, and smoking also influence your teeth’s color.  Teeth whitening is provided to reduce prominent signs of discoloration and return confidence back to your smile.

During the procedure, custom trays are fitted over your teeth and coated with a bleaching gel.  The gel is the primary whitening material in the treatment.  They improve the color of your teeth by up to eight shades.  The bleaching agent is dried by a focused source of light.  You can adjust the level of whitening and evaluate the results on the same day.

If you wish to brighten your smile in a dramatic fashion, please call Buckhead Family Dentistry today to schedule a teeth whitening consultation.

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