Dental Bonding Atlanta

To correct tooth stains and minor damage, dental bonding can be performed to create healthy results.  Dental bonding is a recommended treatment for patients who are looking for an affordable option to treat damaged teeth.  Dr. Travis Paige is an expert Atlanta dental bonding specialist who provides satisfying and resounding results.

Atlanta Dental Bonding

How does dental bonding work?

Dental bonding works by using tooth-colored restorations to repair teeth.  The material is bonded to the surface and restores the gaps that have been created by trauma or damage.  The restoration material emulates your teeth’s natural look to provide an authentic result.

What is the process for dental bonding?

Your teeth will be rinsed with phosphoric acid as preparation for the bonding process.  This allows the bonding procedure to be performed efficiently and without complications.  The application of the bonding material is relatively comfortable.  The restoration is smoothed and shaped to integrate aesthetically with your natural teeth.

Dental bonding can be completed in one visit.  Contact Buckhead Family Dentistry if you wish to correct your smile with a dental bonding procedure.

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