Sleep Apnea Atlanta

Sleep apnea is a condition affecting numerous individuals around the country.  It impacts your breathing during sleep and can obstruct air intake for a period of time.  If not treated, this condition can lead to medical conditions that involve the heart.

Dr. Travis Paige of Buckhead Family Dentistry is one of the premier sleep apnea doctors in Atlanta.  He provides comprehensive solutions that ensure your overall health is sustained.

Sleep apnea may be a concern if you are experiencing the following symptoms:

  • Excessive snoring
  • Daytime fatigue
  • Choking during sleep
  • Headaches upon waking up
  • Breathing pauses

If these conditions are affecting you, it is best to receive care from a sleep specialist as soon as possible.

If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, you can consult with Buckhead Family Dentistry.  We provide snore guards, a comfortable oral appliance that can be customized to fit your mouth.  You can wear them during sleep, and they work by maintaining your jaw’s position to reduce blockage of the airways.

The secondary benefits of snore guards are significant for your future health.  They reduce blood pressure as well as the risk of stroke.

The exceptional dental care of Dr. Paige and his team are provided in a specialized environment for numerous patients.  If you are experiencing any symptoms that may indicate sleep apnea, please call our office and schedule your appointment today.

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