Porcelain Crowns

When there are teeth that are affected by irregular shaping and discoloration, porcelain crowns offer a method of reinforced protection and aesthetic improvement.  Crowns are a traditional restoration applied to cases where teeth have been affected by grinding or the patient is unhappy with the appearance.  Dr. Travis Paige is one of most recommended dentists in Atlanta in providing effective crown restorations.

Atlanta Dental CrownsCrowns are produced from porcelain material that are cosmetically beneficial for your teeth.  They are adjusted to meet your aesthetic needs because their natural colored features enable them to completely blend with your original teeth.  Once they are fitted, your teeth will be reinforced in terms of protection from exposure.

Another feature about crowns that makes them popular is their simple application.  No intensive surgery is required to fit a personalized crown over a tooth.  They are comfortably bonded using the safest practices and materials.  After this process, you can continue daily functions with your teeth such as eating and cleaning.

The distinct features of crowns however are the restorative benefits.  They can encase teeth that have been damaged or chipped. They add durability and prevent further damage to the affected tooth.  They restore the tooth to their original shape and size.  Most patients receive crowns to restore fractured fillings, replace teeth following a dental implants treatment or root canal, or treating broken teeth.

The cosmetic and family dental expertise of Dr. Paige allows him to deliver the most durable and successful crowns in Atlanta.

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