Lumineers Atlanta

Lumineers are different from traditional veneers. They require no shots, drilling, or altering of sensitive teeth – this means NO discomforting procedures. This is because Lumineers are ultra-thin and can be applied comfortably over existing teeth.

Offered in Atlanta by a certified Lumineers dentist, they are the painless way to achieve a healthy, white, natural-looking, and radiant smile. These are customized to bring you the glamorous smile of your dreams. They are also reversible, so you can only benefit from this procedure.

Lumineers are proven to last for more than 20 years, especially with the right dental hygiene.

The process begins with a precision mold created from your teeth. The right shade will be chosen to ensure the highest quality, permanently white smile. During the second visit, the custom-designed Lumineers will be evaluated for the correct fit and appearance. After this procedure, they are fitted over your existing teeth with no alternations needed.

Once they have been fitted, you will enjoy the natural, permanently white smile you have sought.

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