Periodontist Atlanta

Periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, is a serious condition that can affect the health and long-term outlook of your teeth.  They can be a detriment to your gums and jawbone.  Effective and prompt treatments are necessary when your oral health is threatened by periodontal disease.  The proper periodontal care can be found at the Atlanta office of Dr. Travis Paige.

Periodontal diseases are caused by plaque, which can originate from the buildup of bacteria in the mouth.  The bacteria produces toxins that affect the gums and cause them to swell or bleed.  After a long period, the gums separate from the teeth and create pockets.  Plaque forms in these pockets and eventually hardens into calculus or tartar.

When a periodontal infection is present, the risk of deteriorating bone and gum tissue is high.  Without treatment, tooth loss can occur.  Gum disease can also be present without the evidence of bleeding or swelling.  More than 80 percent of Americans over the age of 45 have experienced periodontal infections.

If you are concerned about any possible disease or are experiencing symptoms that may indicate one, please call Buckhead Family Dentistry to schedule your consultation.  Our dentist and team have successfully treated periodontal disease and can evaluate your condition in a thorough manner.

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