Tooth-Colored Fillings Atlanta

Dental fillings are conservative treatments that restore lost enamel.  Dr. Travis Paige is among the leading dentists in Atlanta in providing successful tooth-colored fillings.

The fillings are created from natural-colored resin and are bonded to your teeth’s surface.  The bond is durable and provides benefits lasting for numerous years.  The metal-free filling eliminates bacteria and provides additional reinforcement to the teeth.

Atlanta Dental Bonding

Since dental fillings are immensely durable, enamel shaving or tooth reduction procedures are not required.  Compared to metal ones, tooth-colored fillings are more conservative and compatible with the teeth.  Metal fillings require some tooth reduction and may leave your teeth vulnerable to periodontal disease.

If your teeth are experiencing chips or damage, metal free-fillings can be prescribed for a successful restoration. The composite resins that make up tooth-colored fillings are uniquely personalized to match the natural esthetics of your smile.

Dental bonding provides a comfortable option in recovering healthy and natural-looking smiles.  To learn more about the benefits of this treatment, call us today and schedule your appointment.

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