Dental Implants Atlanta

If missing teeth affect your smile, the best choice of treatment is a dental implant. This is an effective procedures that can reform your smile and replace missing teeth.  Atlanta dental implants specialist Dr. Travis Paige provides his restorations in the most comfortable and individualized manner.

Atlanta Dental Implants What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants consist of the insertion of a stabilizing component below the gums.  These are durable appliances that integrate with the surrounding jawbone and gum tissue through a process known as ‘osseointegration’.  After the healing and integration process, the full cosmetic restoration is ready to be applied.

Prosthetic teeth, or crowns, will be fabricated based on impressions of your bite.  They are polished to recreate your teeth’s natural function and appearance.  The crowns are fitted onto the secured implant and abutment.  This results in the complete restoration and aesthetic improvement of your smile.  Buckhead Family Dentistry delivers on the convenience and comfort of patients by performing the tooth replacement and producing the restoration in the same office.

Dental implants provide cosmetic benefits in addition to functional restorations.  If a missing tooth affects the confidence you feel about your smile, dental implants offer an ideal procedure to recover that confidence.  To set up your appointment, please call Buckhead Family Dentistry today.

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